Glenda Page (MSc, UKCP Reg, MBACP Accred) Psychotherapy, Counselling & Clinical Supervision in Guildford near Woking and Weybridge

"I'm no longer afraid of storms, for I'm learning how to sail my ship." Louisa May Alcott.

"Anger is an acid that does more harm to who holds it than on whom it is poured" (adapted from a quote by Mark Twain)

How I work. Hot Cross Bun


I work relationally & empathically, aiming to be someone you can relate to, connect with and trust. The talking relationship we build together is vital to help you through difficult times.

I offer you my experience, skill, time & safe place to explore what drives your challenges. I'll help you re-acquire some sense of control & direction, while you come to understand yourself better.

Our sessions may be your only “you” time to safely feel however you feel & to say whatever you want/ need to say. I will not judge you.

If you are sceptical/ anxious about what you might discover during therapy, I will help you deal with whatever comes up.

Whether you see me or someone else, please consider how comfortable you feel talking to me or them. Above all, trust your “gut” on this.

How I work. Spiral


Problems often flow from living life from a fixed viewpoint. I help you look at your experiences from different perspectives. Therapy is a process NOT a light switch.

This is our first 50 minute session. We get to know each other. I explain confidentiality, the bedrock of therapy. I'll ask you to share with me your current and historical personal, family, work & medical information as well as what you hope to get from therapy. This gives me context for the issues we will be working through together.

We talk & explore what is not said. What you want from therapy may range from working on a particular issue to generally improving your life experience. You may want to understand yourself better, you may want to learn how to build resilience, or you may want to change something about the way you behave - just to name a few issues clients bring to me. Therapy goals are as unique as the individuals or couples who seek my support.

My independence & neutrality is pivotal to this process so that you feel really heard & understood - that alone can be positive for you.

I'll support & guide you. Your commitment to this process is as important as my role in supporting and guiding you.

How I work. Weekly


The weekly regularity of our sessions helps us both explore and work through what you bring at YOUR pace.

When you commit to & engage with this therapeutic process you start to experience, for example, how best to cope with a crisis, your part in troubled relationships, how to live more contentedly.

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