Glenda Page (MSc, UKCP Reg, MBACP Accred) Psychotherapy, Counselling & Clinical Supervision in Guildford near Woking and Weybridge

What someone says or does to you tends to say more about them than it does about you

What I offer. Face to Face


  • Face to face individual therapy;
  • 50 minute weekly weekday sessions with lay clients;
  • 50 minute weekly sessions with counselling/ psychotherapy students and qualified therapists;
  • Online platform sessions (ie. VSee, where possible) depending on your needs and location, within and outside the UK (contact me for my fee in these circumstances)
  • Where appropriate, I also offer EMDR

    As we get to know each other in our initial sessions, I also note some of your current and historical personal information for context and to help me formulate how best to help and support you. In person/face to face sessions are ideal, but where appropriate we can work together online in accordance with the relevant parts of the Ethical Framework for the Use of Technology in Mental Health.


You, the therapist, are your client's first safety net. As your supervisor, I am your safety net as well as a further safety net for your client.

I offer one to one or group clinical supervision to trainees & qualified psychotherapists & counsellors to review & support:

  • your work & client challenges
  • your professional development
  • and, where appropriate, your personal development

What I offer. Questions


Still have questions?

Please email or text me with your contact details. I will get back to you. See the pink tabs to the right of this page for my contact details.

What I offer. Balance


These form the bedrock of successful therapy.

I offer you an intrusion-free space to talk.The more trust we build together, the more you'll feel able to share and explore in session.

The more I can help you understand yourself, the clearer it will be for you to find your own way forward.

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